Rent and other services

We offer additional services: equipment for rent and exploring surroundings 

Equipment for rent

Canoes, oars, life jackets, waterproof sacks, tents, inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, flashlights, waterproof cloak and footwear…

Material rental – Price list                         Tel: +371 29 276 237


Canoe rental per day: € 35/canoe first day, the following days € 20/canoe.

€1 per km is charged for fuel and transport costs of customers.

It includes:

1 2 or 3-seater canoe.
1 paddle per adult or child.
1 life jacket per adult or child.
1 Waterproof bag (50 liters) per canoe.

Tent rental € 12 / night.

Inflatable mat rental € 5 / night.



In case of damage or breakage of any component of the equipment, an amount of € 30 will be charged.

Canoes are delivered at the beginning of the tour and collected at the end of it. Clients are transported to the starting place.

The canoe rental per day does not include travel insurance.


Double and triple canoes

Life jackets

Various sizes

Waterproof sacks


Services operated in cooperation with other companies

Useful information:


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