Main rivers of Latvia

Overview of rivers

Calm waters

The Gauja is the only river that starts and stops its flow in Latvia and is the longest river in Latvia. We offer several kayaking routes in the Gauja.

Sandstone cliffs

The Salaca River is one of the most picturesque rivers in Latvia with outstanding natural landscapes. Our itinerary can be described as ‘Recreational Tour’.

Zvartas Rock

The shores of Amata with sandstone outcrops are among the most beautiful in Latvia. Our tour allows you to get to know them hiking along the Nature Trail.

Daugava basin covers more than one third of the territory of Latvia. The great river as a waterway and a rich fishing ground has attracted many, both in the past and nowadays. 

At Kuldiga Venta, the dolomite bed crosses the sandstone to form the widest natural waterfall in Europe – the Venta hub (Ventas rumba) – which is a unique Latvian nature monument. 

Abava is very popular river, especially for boaters, because it is suitable for both big and small, professionals and beginners. Abava valley is very floristically rich region of Latvia.

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